Fourth Day of Spring!!!

I figured that I would buck the trend and celebrate something other than the first day of spring. Just about everyone and every news outlet,TV,radio,newspapers (do people still read those?) had to mention the astronomical changing of the season. Not me ,I was out in the unseasonably mild weather watching the rapidly changing landscape. Just about everyday there is something new to see in the yard. The big difference this year is that the weather is mild enough to make viewing it all a bit easier. I took a quick look through some of my previous garden journals (handwritten) and noticed that very few entries were dated prior to the first week of April.

GDD = 47

It really struck me on my daily walk through the yard today how much newly emerging growth is red in color. New sprouts of peonies, lysimachia, silver maple buds and flowers, rose leaf buds, even the slight red tinge in new tulip and clematis foliage.