The Last Walk of Spring

“Let’s go for a walk.”

I step off the deck. She follows. 

By the time we reach the rear of the yard the breeze has become a wind.  The willow and the grasses bow and twist with each gust. Lil’ Girl, our cat, squats on the path. She watches the leaves swirl around her. It starts as a mist. The drops grow. I head for the cover of the maple. She follows.

The sun has set far to the north, the solstice has arrived. The raindrops plunk the leaves above. The wind picks up, it is constant now. The maple provides scant protection this evening. I lean against the trunk, Lil’ Girl is under the bench. We wait. The wind calms a bit, the rain lessens, as if the storm is catching its breath. Lil’ Girl leaps from her spot and races in a large curve to the deck. I follow.