Clematis around the yard.

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Comings and Goings

Clematis-lost one to winter dieback but the others around the yard are just coming into bloom.
Cranesbill geraniums-Just a few early blooms
Weigelas-both the variagated one and the two “Wine and Roses” are just beginning.

Azealeas(front walk)
Red-twig Dogwood

A Waiting Game

Few things happen fast in the garden. Procrastination can be a virtue. Gardeners learn this lesson sooner or later. Gardens develop in weeks,months and years. No micro or nano prefixes here.

A few years ago, I purchased a clematis serratifolia off of a clearance rack marked “distressed plants”. It was. Thin yellow stems with dried brown leaves filled the three inch pot, but from the center of the dead material poked a few bright stems of new growth. I bought it, popped it in the ground, and forgot it. The next spring it sprouted and grew a bit. A one foot high metal hoop trellis supported it. Optimistically, I erected a six foot wood trellis above it and I waited.

It survived and grew a bit fuller, adding maybe a foot in height over the next two years never blooming, stagnant it seemed to be. Often, I wondered what I could plant in its place and I waited.

This year it exploded, out growing the trellis by mid July. It bloomed last week:small,yellow flowers. At least a hundred more buds wait their turns.

Possibly the spurt of growth was due to little more light this year. The now gone cherry tree had shaded it a bit in the mornings and the shed blocked the evening sun. Possibly not. Possibly my gardening abilities? Certainly, that must be it! Fifty cents and three years of benign neglect makes many a gardeners reputation.

A waiting lesson learned.