Clematis around the yard.

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Skies cloudy bright, followed by a day or two of cool drizzle, the weather her in Northeast Ohio has been perfect…..for transplanting. I have been doing quite a bit of it. 

I lost two spruces last year and now have a 40 by 30 foot gap along the rear property line. The spruces were diseased and I knew a few years back they would have to go at some point. I’ve been layering my forsythias to build up a nice supply of transplants. These now form a double staggered row. Eventually, they should make a decent rear wall to the hedge row I am installing in front of them.

I have been purchasing native shrubs from my local soil and water district. They sell rooted cuttings each spring ( five of a variety for eight dollars, great deal). Potted up they grow on through the summer and overwinter in a trench along the north side of the garage. In their second year they are planted in some out of the way place in the yard. The ones that have survived will form the base planting of the hedge row with plenty left over for other areas and to give away.

Now if I could only transplant my weeds into the neighbor’s yard.

The Starting Gate

The early excitement of the start of the baseball season is over and the Derby is right around the corner. That means it’s time to get the seeds going.

I gave up starting seeds indoors under lights a few years ago. It just seemed like too much of a hassle. I get seeds going either in the garage (attached, but not heated) , the sunroom (windows on the N,S, and W) or homemade mini-coldframes . It limits what I can start, but is much easier. I’m as lazy a gardener as I can get away with.

With only a 40 ft. strip along the southside of the house and a few spots around the yard where I can tuck a bit of vedge in here and there, many of the edibles I grow in containers on the deck. 

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