Finalizing the Lineup

As I stand in the backdoor of the garage surveying the yard, I feel like a manager on the step of the dugout. The yard is my ballfield and the plants my players. The season is almost here and I am taking stock of the lineup. 

My veterans will perform as always, reliably, though some have changed positions and some are showing their age. I’ve chosen my ulility guys, annuals that I can use to fill in empty spots that arise throughout the year.  The youngsters, second and third year guys, need to show some promise this year or they will be relegated to the minors, some out of the way spot in the yard, where they will languish for a few more seasons before being unceremoniously sent to the compost pile. Some thrive on the neglect and find a spot where they can contribute to the lineup, but it’s rare. Then there are the free agents, major purchases, few and far between in my budget minded garden, these usually fill an imminent need or something I really like.

The lineup for the year is pretty well set, though it is a long season, and in the garden as on the baseball field the unexpected does and certainly will happen. That is what makes baseball and gardening so interesting.


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