Sometimes your just lucky.


A problem all gardeners struggle with is what to do with old favorites during a major overhaul of a bed.
Last fall while a doing a full blown tear out of a section of the front bed it occurred to me I really didn’t have a spot for an old freind, the primroses.
These are one of the first clumps of flowers my mom ever gave me. They have been moved many times over the years and though they have survived they have not thrived.
The only spot available was near the base of a maple, in an area recently cleared of weedy growth and mulched heavily with leaves for most of the year. With winter coming on, I divided up the few clumps that I had left and planted them there.
Just above them I put in some low growing sedum purchased off the distressed plants rack.
Sure wish I planned it this way, but I just got lucky.


One thought on “Sometimes your just lucky.

  1. BEATUIFUL. Every year I vow to plant more primroses, one of my favorites, and every year I just cant find “the right spot.” This will be the year. Thanks for the reminder.


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