Radio Days

With winter finally arrived,I get my gardening fix through various gardening radio shows either live or podcast. Here are a few of my favorites.

In the Garden w/Ron Wilson– I listen to this one on Saturday mornings (6-9) while having my coffee. It is broadcast on 55KRC out of Cincinnati Ohio. Close enough to home to be practical and a great supporting cast,esp. Buggy Joe Boggs the etymologist.

Plant Talk w/Fred Hower- This one I listen to on podcast as no local stations pick it up. Again Ohio based plantsman with Ohio based tips.

Garden Guys- Really a guy and a gal now. This one is out of Boston and leans a bit trendy-organic for me but still great advice and interesting garden talk. On at the same time as Ron Wilson so I podcast this one also.

Gardening w/Tim and Joe- This one is on BBC4/Radio Leeds. It is a 15-20 min. podcast review of a longer call in radio show, Someday I’ll listen to the whole show live,but for now the podcast will do. Not very practical as it is UK-based, but nothing is more entertaining than listening to the Brits talk gardens.

So, if you need a winter gardening fix and are tired of looking at seed catalogs, check one out.


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