Seed Catalogs

The catalogs pile up, almost as high as the snow. The days grow imperceivably longer. During winter thaws , one gets up and roams the yard just to see “what’s going on.” Grasses and left over seed heads collapse from the weight of the last snow. Plants overwintering in the garage and the basement are inspected carefully for any signs of new growth amidst the shrivelled leaves. Notes of last years successes and failures, written on scraps of paper, envelopes and in notebooks are collected and reviewed. Tools are sharpened,handles oiled. This is gardening in NE Ohio in January.
This and the catalogs. Though I rarely order from them, I browse them constantly seeking ideas and inspiration. New varieties, colorful photos and planting information from cover to cover. Each year I add more to my list. By spring they will be wrinkled, dog-eared and folded back on themselves from the constant use.
I must go now and check the mail to see if any more have arrived.


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