Expert Advice, Not Taken

Just about every gardening magazine, book, and expert urges restraint in the spring.
“Don’t walk over soft spring soils, it will compact them. Resist the urge” they beg.
“They must live in the South” I mutter as I hike up my rubber boots for a walk in the spring slime.
After two months of constant snow cover, the sight of bare ground has too much pull for me to resist.
“There are things that need to be done.” I tell myself, though I know most won’t get done. In truth, no chore is all that pressing,but it seems a good enough excuse to get out in the yard and poke around. With nervous anticipation, each bed is checked for new growth. Did the tulips make it through? Yes, three large clumps have pushed through and soon will be unfurling their leaves. Crocus bloom just two days after the snow recedes. Daffodils have also begun to emerge. Below last years dying foliage,perennial clumps begin to form,.buds wait to swell on trees and shrubs.So much to look forward to; Spring is heartening that way.
Which of last years late season bargain plants made it through? How will the transplants take to their new surroundings? Just about everyday now will include a walk about the yard. Each walk will bring resolution to some of these questions that I have thought about through the cold months of winter. A TV cliffhanger is nothing compared to the drama lived out day to day in the garden.


One thought on “Expert Advice, Not Taken

  1. So you are checking out the garden scene…so am I…I am making 2 frames for a veggie garden this yr….I am flowered out right now.


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