Salad Bar


For the past few years, impatiens formed a ring around the Cherry tree. With its demise this spring, I combined the bed that once surrounded it with the one around a young pin oak. The backside of this bed became a 20 foot curved home to the impatiens. Viewed from the kitchen window in the morning light , backed by Hydrangeas they are quite a sight. These are my wife Leigh’s favorites and I use them frequently in pots and as a fill in in new beds. A truly easy annual.

Thought they sometimes get a little ratty in the fall they normally last well into the fall,right up to the first frosts. Not this year. Over a period of three nights they have been given a severe haircut by what I assume are deer. The flowers are gone but the stalks remain,upright and unbent.

Having gardened in the “big city” prior to moving here, deer damage in the garden is something new that I have had to deal with in this yard. The impatiens gave a good three months of bloom and though I have plenty other late season color from asters,sedum,solidago etc., another few weeks of the impatiens would have been nice.

It really would not bother me that much if there wasn’t a three acre field/community garden directly behind my yard. I would think that the pickings would be much better there. Better still why can’t they just eat weeds?


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