Ever Larger

Plants move. In the rear of the yard, I have been enlarging the lilac bed. This bed originally was the site of a grape trellis overgrown with berry plants. This was removed and the area became a staging area for plants salvaged from my previous home.

Two lilacs, now five feet tall, occupy the center section. The past two autumns I have dumped leaves to the north and south of the lilacs to kill the grass and add organic material to the sandy soil. It was turned this spring. Eventually the bed will stretch the entire width of the yard. A five foot wide path will separate it from the forty foot spruces that line the rear of the property.

North of the lilacs, shaded in the morning by a maple and in the afternoon by the spruces, I have placed some hostas and some hydrangeas. This was done earlier this spring. South of the lilacs, where it is sunnier, I have planted divisions of ornamental grasses, daylilies and solidago. Also a few eupatoriums salvaged from the clearance racks at the garden center last fall and overwintered. Annuals; sunflowers, cosmos,and zinnias, fill the open spaces between.

This is a pattern that I have used in other new beds. Old workhorse perennials,annuals, and whatever else I can find are thrown in the bed to fill it up and to see what will grow there. Daylilies are especially suited to this as they can be moved any time and fill out quickly. I usually have a long term idea of what the bed will house and how it will fit in with the overall design of the garden, but my budget and nature often team up against me


3 thoughts on “Ever Larger

    1. It is just as well that we live with budgets. Most gardeners, I suspect, have lists of ‘must have’ plants that fill notebooks and files. I do.



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