The Starting Line

Memorial Day weekend begins the summer season here in NE Ohio. Grills emerge from winter hibernation. School vacations start. Farmer’s markets open. Weekend festival season will soon be in full swing. Ladies and gentleman “Start your engines”

True frost-free nights allow the planting of tender annuals and most vegetables. The garden centers are full of home gardeners making the traditional trip to pick up their plants of choice. I use annuals in pots around the deck and in hanging baskets. Other than a large group of impatiens stretching from the base of the oak tree to were the cherry tree once stood,I don’t due to much annual bedding. I have tried to use them to fill in open spots in the beds until the perennials get large enough to stand on their own. I find most of the annuals too short in stature to be of much use. Annuals used in mass create large blobs of color that I don’t find all that appealing. A few coarser types fit in better, cosmos, cleome, some of the herbs,but are usually harder to find in the garden centers. Even these have begun to be miniaturized. With my unusual and unexpected travel schedule growing from seed really hasn’t worked out all that well for me, though I still try a few each year.

I am not that much of a vegetable grower either. A few tomato plants, some peppers on the deck in pots, and a few quick salad greens and that is about it. My master plans for the garden always include a spot for veggies, but even in plans it tends to get pushed aside for more flower beds.

Thank you.


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