Mom’s Favorite Plant ?

The Viburnum “Carlesii” began to open just before I left for vacation. It is just now coming into full bloom. My mother gave this plant to us the first summer after we moved to this house. It was propagated by layering from a larger one that she has had for years. I placed it just off the deck. In early morning and again in the evenings you can smell it while sitting on the deck, in the sun room, or through the kitchen windows which overlook the deck and backyard.

Mom told me it is one of her favorites, primarily because of its smell. My mother enjoys flowers and gardening. She grew up on a farm,ran a flower shop and as a local artist has painted her share of flowers. My interest flower gardening comes from watching her and my Dad, the vegetable gardener, work around the yard. My job,digging out the dandelions.

Many of the plants that I have in my yard originally came from transplants or divisions that I received from her. Many have increased twentyfold since I obtained them. Many I have passed on to other gardening friends.

Like many gardeners, Mom’s favorite plant may be a flexible concept. She enjoys gardening and flowers too much to narrow down all the flowering plants she has seen and grown to just one.


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