The Candy Store

The weather has been cool and damp. On and off rain showers make many gardening chores difficult. To pass the time, my wife and I toured a few local garden centers yesterday. So many plants to choose from, kids in the candy store. Restraint is required.

True frost free days are still a few weeks away.For the the time being we look and plan, hoping our favorites are not out of stock when we are ready to plant. We use annuals liberally in containers and as fill-ins in new beds.

We purchased a group of Azalea “Hotshot”to replace some overgrown and aging prostrate Junipers from the front walk. I have been replacing the tired foundation planting in the front of the house. The process and the progress here has been gradual.
I take my time, maybe too much so, when it comes to deciding on trees and shrubs. They will be in their places a long time so I try to get it right the first time. Not that I am adverse to moving large shrubs, I just prefer not too. Perennials are another story. Most I move three or four times before I find the “right” spot.

I see planting diagrams in landscaping books and magazines and have even drawn a few. I just don’t have the knowledge of plant height, bloom-time etc. to plant this way. I walk the yard and say:
” I need something here”
“This works”
“This doesn’t”
Trial and many errors, that is my gardening technique. I can plan all winter, but all that goes right out the window with my first trips to the garden centers. A pretty face on a new variety and I am bewitched. With so many choices, decisions become difficult. In the end I normally stick to the tried and true varieties with ease of culture. The candy store is a nice place to visit, but I wouldn’t want to live there.

GDD = 245


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