Of Leaves and Lilacs

While I was away the great leaf out was taking place. Surveying the yard this morning I find most plants have gone from the early ground breaking phase into full leaf. Their forms and structure much more apparent now than a week ago. The time has come to determine what needs to be moved around to avoid overcrowding. I have always subscribed to the idea that the time to transplant is when you have the time. No strict timetables in this garden. This has never been much of a problem, since primadonnas just do not exist long in my yard. I do not have time to pamper things or wait for the “right” time. A plant needs to be tough and adaptable around here. If that means I must restrict myself to “common plants” so be it. I find none common.

Only the usual laggards among the trees and shrubs,Pin Oaks and Rose of Sharon, are holding back. All others have started to fill in. The many shades of green all represented in the immature leaves. The long distance views of winter restricted by the daily enlarging canopy.

Among the shrubs, the lilacs, in the rear of the yard, have swelled and set flowers in my absence. One of these came from my old house and has struggled to return to its former size. I had to move it in a mid-august drought while the house was on the market. The other was a gift from my mother, from a cutting she started. Though their bloom time is short and they are mostly nondescript the rest of the year, a larger garden hardly seems complete without at least one. A plant that has given its name over to both a color and a scent. Enjoy them while they last.


One thought on “Of Leaves and Lilacs

  1. I have a Lilac that struggles to get back to it’s size too but it’s because my husband keeps running over it with the lawnmower. 😉 Good luck with yours – it probably stands a better chance at growing than mine.


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