Local Weather and News

People in NE Ohio complain about the weather.The last four days have been glorious; Warm temperatures, sunny days, cool nights, constant breezes, little humidity and all this wrapped around a weekend. Nothing to complain about here, but with the first wet weekend, or humid day the past four will be forgotten and the complaining will start again. Just human nature I guess.

Speaking of human nature. The local college kids took advantage of the weather in usual fashion; drinking in the sun, as well as plenty of beer; throwing Frisbees to their friends, and beer bottles at cops. The newly indoctrinated, or was that intoxicated, green generation increased its collective carbon footprint by burning couches, chairs and various other pieces of furniture – and so soon after earth day. I guess there is hope for this generation after all. Drinking beer, letting off steam and raising a ruckus trumps orthodoxy every time. Human nature triumphs.

The weather has turned more seasonal today. Cooler temps and a steady drizzle. This will be perfect for the transplants that I moved around over the weekend. Many of these are groups of perennials that I transported here from my previous house. The clumps have grown to dividable size and I have a little better handle on the conditions around the yard. An over all plan is beginning to come together in my mind.

Today’s rain brought the official end to the front yard magnolia bloom season. The vast majority of the blossoms are scattered across the lawn and already beginning to shrivel. I believe that the blossoms smell their sweetest when they lay on the ground in mass. The scent fills the yard.


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