The day began like many others, with a face full of cat fur.Our cat performs a not so ballet-like move we call the ‘flop-and-drop’. She stretches her back in the classic Halloween hunchback pose,buckles her front legs then brings her butt crashing down. Her accuracy is amazingly good. Weekends, during the warmer months, this is my weekend alarm.

“Time to get up and let me out”

She had the right idea this morning. The week started cold and drizzly with a hint of spring snow in the air. Over the last 36 hours, winter,spring and now summer weather have all visited. Most mornings I am off to work and grab coffee on the way. Letting the little girl out I knew that would not be the case today.

The coffee was ready and off to the deck I went. The birds sing;the emerging sun tints the few high clouds pink and lilac; a fresh breeze cools my bare feet.Little girl stalks through the still unmowed grass. The morning is perfect, no dogs to bother her, no bugs to bother me. I sit in the rocker and remind myself to slow down, relax and enjoy the yard;something that is easily forgotten amid the normal trimming,cutting and digging that accompanies spring.

Warm temperatures and low humidity will rule the weekend. There will be plenty of time for both work in the yard and sitting on the deck and just enjoying doing nothing.

Thanks little girl, see you tomorrow morning.

GDD = 111


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