Irishman’s Cuttings

"Irishman's Cuttings of Chysanthemums"I dig my chrysanthemums up each fall and over winter them in my garage. After blooming in the fall and prior to the ground freezing, I cut them down a few inches above the ground and transplant the root ball into individual containers or wooden flats. These are placed in the garage during the winter and given minimal care, and I do mean minimal. A few waterings is all they get, other than that I pretty much forget about them until I am rummaging around the garage in the early spring. They have sprouted new growth by this time and I increase their water and tip prune for bushiness if needed.

This week I pulled the root balls out of the ground and pulled off any side shoots that had their own roots and transplanted these into individual pots. In much older gardening literature these types of cuttings are called “Irishman’s”s cuttings”. Not true cuttings since they already have roots forming, more like offset shoots that form on many perennials or suckers that emerge from shrubs.


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