Miss a Week,Miss a Lot?

I spent last week in Wuhan, China. The weather was nice:the work,easy:the city,walkable. I wanted to be home.

I travel for work and it has many advantages. I see the world,meet new people,go to warm places-sometimes even in winter. Travel is a built in excuse for unfinished projects;Small jobs,especially in the garden,weeding,pruning,edging get postponed.

“I’ve been on the road. I’ll get to it next week”

The disadvantage to travel are the weeks like the one just past. Early daffodil buds break, crocus flowers struggle with two inches of spring snow-and win,some unknown plant (Is it a weed?) sprouts in a bed. Plants toss crusted soil aside beginning a process that will end months from now in the shorting days of fall, far in the future. Spring days and weeks are full of firsts, the sameness of winter seems far in the past.

Some of this I surely missed last week, but the crocus remain,many other daffodils will follow. The magnolia will bloom later this week,followed by tulips and redbuds and peonies and iris and … Maybe one week is not such along time after all.


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