An Old Friend

I was rummaging around in the storage shed a few weeks ago and came across an old friend, a trellis that I had used at my previous residence. It had been left there by the previous owners when Leigh bought the house over twenty years ago. They were old school Italian gardeners who filled the backyard with grapevines, fruit trees, fennel, tomatoes, garlic and many other sorts of vegetables. I am sure that trellis got as much and as varied use from them as it has with me.

The trellis, wobbly from loose nails and broken styles, covered with peeling paint and mold, looked like a candidate for the fire pit. This was not the first time it had faced destruction , I am sure. It has a twin that I repaired the first year we moved down here and now adorns the left side of the storage shed door. It supports a two year old pink clematis.

I scraped the paint, cleaned the mold with bleach, replaced a few nails, and repaired the broken styles. After a thorough sanding, and some new paint ,it took it place on the opposite side of the shed door from its sister.

Many of the ornaments, benches, tools and even plants that I have around the yard I acquired at flea markets, from friends or from the tree lawn on garbage day. This all due to a personal philosophy that goes something like this: Cheap is good, Free is best.. Recently, recycling/reusing old things has become quite fashionable, especially among the green/sustainable growth crowd. While many among them might applaud my efforts at saving the trellis, probably most would have only a few years ago considered me something closer to the truth, just a cheap Slovenian.

At the foot of the trellis I planted a yellow climbing rose today. I got it from a local discount store, bare root for three dollars ( Oops, there goes that cheap thing again).

GDD – 57


One thought on “An Old Friend

  1. Cheap Slovenian…I have heard that myself quite a few times by some of my best friends but I took it as a compliment!


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