Getting started

Warm weather,50 degrees,and sun finally got me out into the yard today. Mostly just cleaning out beds,loosening up mulch, and picking up debris from winter storms. The tulips that Istarted in pots for the front walk all went out this morning. This variety,Bastogne,is blood red and will be followed in the pots by red impatiens. I would liketo replace the white landscape stones that the pots sit on with crushed red brick, but time may not allow that this spring. The original stones were placed directly over dirt with no weed block,so plenty of weeds,grasses and wild onions sprout throughout the year. Ideally this should be corrected and will be at some point, but this may not be the time.
The other major problem that I ran across while out and about were large cracks in the main crotch of the wild cherry tree on the south property line. At least two of the five main trunks are separating and sooner or later will come down. Taking this tree down will change the area quite a bit. The tree supplies a great deal of shade during the summer and there always seems to be a breeze blowing in the area. I sit there often in the afternoons. There is an young oak not far away that will eventually help reshade the area,but it will never be the same. While I hate to lose any tree, especially a well shaped one as the cherry is, this one in many ways will not be missed. Small white flowers in spring that fall like snow on the gentlest breeze,purple fruit in the fall that stains all it comes in contact with,and a general year round shedding of dead branches are just a few of this trees faults. The tree will have to come down;I’ll get some estimates this week and make a decisionand whwn to bring it down.
I will probably replace it with another tree, probably not as tall and certainly more ornamental.


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