Growing Degree Days

Growing degree days(GDD) is a measurement of daily high and low temperatures plugged into a formula that was developed to help study plant maturities and insect development.  I believe it is used mostly by farmers for spraying fields, but I have been keeping track of these numbers to see how bloom times of perennials relate to the GDD in my area. If you live in Ohio there is a web site operated by OARDC, Ohio Agriculture Research and Development Council. You can punch in your zip code and it will show you a list of events and where on the GDD scale you are currently at.     “”
Current GDD for my area is 38


1 thought on “Growing Degree Days”

  1. Marty,

    Sis forwarded your blog address. Keeping a journal seems a good idea, at least in theory. I always get excited about spring and gardening, but then I end up just throwing some tomatoes in the ground.

    Stephen just got home for spring break. We should get together sometime soon.


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