To Early

The  temperature has moved from single digits to above sixty in two days. The urge to be outside and just do something can get the best of you. I satisfied my urge by cleaning the garage,hauling out the overwintered mums and tulips in pots for the front walk . These got a good drink. Today I will do the same for my two Hibiscus, that I overwinter in the basement. The Norfolk island pine will get one also, though I believe this plant is a lost cause. It was a Christmas gift from a non-gardening friend. Thoughtful,but not well thought out. I just do not have any places in the house that get good enough sun during the winter. Most of the windows have been replaced with ones that have UV blocking glass.

As I type this I hear thunder and the din of heavy showers hitting the roof. The first spring storm. The thunder and rain brought our cat into the sunroom,from her early morning walk . She has started to rearrange her schedule to the longer daylight,higher temperatures, and increased activity of potential hunting targets. Hunting for her is a diversion rather than the passion it was for our first cat. This one, a stray from the local pound, six months old when we got her,well over two now, enjoys the warmth and coziness of the indoors too much to be a great hunter. Her concentration wavers quickly; she tends to lose interest as soonas something new comes by.


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