2009 projects


  1. Combine and enlarge Oak/Wild Cherry bed. At present these are two separate beds. The one under the oak is circular,with daffodils,followed by hosta. Around the Wild Cherry tree, the bed is oval. It has Sweet Woodruff and an old Hydrangea shrub. These two beds will be combined into a kidney shaped bed. The backside will be the spot for Leigh’s impatiens. The will be easily viewed from the kitchen along this side. The interior will be hostas. These will be transplanted and divided from the north side of the house.They will not be missed as almost no one travels through that side yard at present. Along the inside edge I will let the sweet woodruff spread. This interior edge will be used as a shady seating area with views across the yard to the north and west.
  2. Layout patio below the deck. This is a leftover project from last year. The area off the deck has poor grass and a path gets worn from the deck to the garage door every year. At sometime I would like a permanent path here, probably brick,but the budget says no. So for the time being I would like to lay it out in wood chips for a few years to make sure the proportions are correct and everything works. This is a 10 x24 ft. area off the deck with a 5 ft. wide walk across the front of the sunroom. The path then curves to the garage door.
  3. Begin extension of the Lilac bed in both directions. This bed basically has two small lilac shrubs in it.It was once had a grape arbor, but that was taken out the first year I was here. It was badly overgrown with raspberrybrambles. Eventually this bed should stretch across most of the main width of the yard. It is to be filled with shrubs eventually,fronted with ? I am not sure. Directly behind it will be a 5-6 ft. wide path between it and the row of pines that separates my property from the church directly behind me.Their property is mostly open ground directly behind my property, but off to the north there are two large sections that they till each year for community gardens.
  4. A slight kick out of the bed on the south of the house where I grow a few vegetables
  5. Some sort of plan for the front of the house (facing East,morning sun).This has the magnolia dominating the area near the driveway,with mostly common shrubbery along the house. I planted some daylilies that I brought from my old house in front of these for a temporary color fix, but doubt this is a long term solution.

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