Native Plant Resource

I use shrubs quite a bit in my garden. They provide privacy along the property lines, act as backdrop for perennials, shelter for wildlife, look good throughout the year and are relatively low maintenance (just some strategic pruning once a year). Many of the flowering ones can be purchased at discounted prices at nursery centers after their blooming is over for the year. My interest lately has been native shrubs, but these are harder to locate in the nursery centers and if they are found are prohibitively expensive. The past few years my go to supplier has been my local … Continue reading Native Plant Resource

Winter, the best season

Winter is the best season to be a gardener. That may sound strange coming from someone stuck in the midst of a northern Ohio winter. However, I am a lazy gardener. I prefer nothing more arduous than sitting on the deck and sipping wine. A fine spring day or a long summer evening would seem the best time for that, but the realities of the garden do not allow it. There is always an errant branch to cut back, a weed to pull, a plant to deadhead or an inquisitive rabbit to shoo from the lettuce patch. Contemplating on the … Continue reading Winter, the best season