Spring Snow

I have a large Magnolia in the front yard. Here in Northeast Ohio blooming can be an iffy proposition; late cold snaps and snows can wipe out the blooms and buds. This year the buds were just breaking only to be met by a low pressure system bringing two inches of snow and temperatures in the low thirties.

Nothing sadder than snow on magnolia buds but I hold out hope for at least a smaller display this year.

Opening Day

“There are only two seasons- winter and baseball.” Bill Veeck

Like the first blooms of spring, it is a symbol of hope and renewal. One feels an enthusiasm and an optimism again. The slate skies of winter are clearing and in the lengthening days there is a hint of the warmth to comethe gard. It’s Opening Day! 

This evening I will grab my radio and head out to the deck to look at the garden and listen to the game. 

“See you next winter” my wife will say.