Salad Bar

My first lettuce seedlings were transplanted yesterday. I left them in the garage overnight. Sometime during the night a mouse (I think) plucked all of one variety out of the pots. Either he didn’t care for the taste of the others, or he couldn’t get his now fat butt up into the higher pots.
I gave the cat a stern talking to this morning.

Seed Starting



One of the problems starting seeds in my basement is the low temperatures. This year I put together this contraption to help out.
A 60 watt bulb hooked up to a timer set to turn on /off at thirty minute intervals. I insulated it with a cut-up windshield heat deflector. I probably should have painted the old baking pan black on the bottom, but rust is close enough, besides I didn’t have any black paint and certainly wasn’t going to buy any. The rack is two fold up portable shelves I got from the dollar store, the lamp a garage sale find. The temperature approx. 1/2 inch above the pan ranges 75-80° .  Four batches of early lettuce were seeded today.

Snow Tracks


The snow layer has crusted over from the cold. The slightly warmer garage is as close to being outside as I get.
Tools are sharpened, handles sanded and sealed. The seed catalogs are dog-eared and wrinkled. Last years leftover seeds have been inspected, this years ordered. It is really not gardening, but something I fool myself into thinking it is, at least at this time of the year.
I survive listening to audio podcast from around the gardening world.
Here are a few;

Gardening Today from Iowa
Two hours of solid advice.

The Sodshow from Dublin , Ireland.
Great interviews, the outstanding musical breaks are a plus.

Gardening with Tim and Joe  BBC Radio Leeds.
A 15-20 minute compilation of the gardening bits from their longer (3 hour) show. The whole show is super, but you have to be up early Sunday morning to catch the whole thing live.

A Way to Garden with Margaret Roach, upstate NY
A bit too “sustainable” at times, but I suffer through for the excellent gardening advice.

Gardener’s Corner BBC UK
Garden walks and garden talks.

In the Garden with Ron Wilson
I usually listen live online (wtam dropped him) Saturday mornings from 6-9. This show is out of Cincinnati, Oh so, is a bit closer to home.
A bit heavy on lawn advice in the spring but with a lineup like this,”The Yardboy”, BarBEE Fletcher, and “Buggy” Joe Boggs (just about the funniest etymologist around) certainly entertaining.